Apr. 30th, 2010

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Achtung! I would like to register my disappointment in the LA Times. The front page of tonight's edition covers the trial of Shadi Enigmar (a.k.a. Zak Gramarye), as well it should. I take umbrage, however, with the focus of the article. “Phoenix the Forger? LA's Legend Implicated in Fraud.” Tell me, why should we glorify the crimes of this unscrupulous defence attorney, rather than to laud the hero who brought his crimes to light? I would very much have liked to see my own face on the front page of the Times. But what can you do? It is only my second disappointment today.

The first was not being allowed to finish presenting my case against Enigmar. His face, too, is on the front page. If you have seen him, do inform the police. We have unfinished business, and I hate to leave a mess.

But this is not why you are reading my Livejournal, ja? Let us lighten the mood. I have just recorded a new song on my webcam, here:

ETA: Ach, so even Youtube is going to disappoint me today? I cannot embed the video! That is it, I am going out for a beer.


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