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To do
- iFly one way (Rhoda)
- Shaking up the office (Edgeworth)
- Open mic night (Daryan)
- At least bruises are purple (Maya)
- A cougar and her cub? (Oldbag)
- Victimised by a teenage girl (Kay)
- Thanks for the office (Jacques)
- The Gavinners: International Smash Hit (Colias and Daryan)
- Let's be neutral as the Swiss (Gumshoe)
- Pass the bread and the emotional abuse (Kristoph)
- Dividing by zero (Apollo)
- And your jewellery is forged, too (Phoenix)
- Blood is thicker than evidence (Kristoph)
- Orange is so last breakfast (Gant)

Hey everybody! This is Cori, the brains behind Klavier Gavin for [ profile] gyakusai_rp. I may be a rock star, but I couldn't do it without my fans! But if you're not a fan, that's fine, too. Either way, I want to hear from you. How's my driving? Do you love my interpretation of Klavier? Hate him? Love to hate him? I'm open to suggestions if you think I need to improve, but of course, I also take fan mail!

This forum can also serve as a dropbox for scene suggestions. As you see above, I'm keeping a to-do list of logs I want to write, and I can only hope I never reach the end of the list. If there's something you would love to see Klavier do, suggest it here and I'll see if I can make it happen, for the fans!

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