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I've left my fans hanging quite some time, ja? It has been a long time coming, but achtung! The Gavinners are at long last ready for a global audience. Whether you are in prison or in Berlin, you too can experience the raw power of our band!

For those of you who are just tuning in, the Gavinners are an alternative band brought together by two passions: music, and the law. We are all involved in the justice system, but we also all share a love for rock-- a medium, mind you, that is traditionally characterised by rebellion against authority figures. The band was founded by myself and Daryan Crescend, an aspiring cop, and we have since been joined by Isaac Mallard on bass (Secret Service), Dexter Morgan on drums (Orange County Medical Examiner's Office), and Wesson Foster with keyboards (Dept of Corrections.)

The music we play speaks to both sides of the law, and every one of my men is uber-talented. If you have not been able to attend our sets at Jammin' Java, you can see it here now. I bought a digital camera just for the occasion; we can't all fit in the frame of my webcam, after all.

First up, we present a full cover of "I Fought the Law." My personal acoustic cover can still be found in my first entry on this journal.

[insert suspension of disbelief here]

Next is a song that will speak to anyone who has witnessed a life spin out of control, as so many of us have inside the justice system. (Wesson's choice!)

[more suspension of disbelief right here (and sorry I couldn't find a decent video that actually began at the beginning)]

And here is where we really rock. (D-man's pick!)

[It's the Gavinners, no rly!]

The Gavinners have original music in the making, but though it has been played at Jammin' Java I am unsatisfied that it's polished enough to be recorded for posterity. Perhaps next time, ja?

Herr Ambassador, we are willing to bring our act to Cohdopia at your convenience. Also too, the day we filmed this set is the day I took notes of my schedule for you.

Friday for the Rockstar Prosecutor )
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Achtung! My adoring public can stop worrying: Klavier Gavin's in perfect health once more.

...Well, maybe not perfect, but I'm getting there. I recorded something a little more low-key for you tonight; as you can probably tell, I am still congested and a bit hoarse. High time I made a comeback, though, ja? I can only apologise that it sounds so raw.

[insert suspension of belief here]
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Achtung, I'm sure my fanbase has been wondering what's become of me. No Youtube videos, you say? No comments or updates, or any sign of Klavier Gavin on the internet at all? I'm sorry to report that on Muttertag, I came down with the 'flu. It's a huge milestone: the first time I've been sick with no mother around to nurse me back to health. I had to handle it on my own, like an adult.

So I brought a pillow, blanket, and surgical mask to work, and curled up on my desk to get through my paperwork. Fortunately I did not have to appear in court this week. I didn't have to leave the office. A very nice lady from the secretary pool brought me Jamba Juice on her coffee breaks, and soup from a nearby bistro for lunches. (Don't worry, I have paid her every cent that she spent on my rations!)

I think I'm finally getting over this, but I'm still turning in early tonight. D-man, I haven't canceled our Jammin' Java slot for tomorrow, but I am so congested in my chest I will not be singing. If you don't think you can lead the show alone, give the cafe notice, bitte schoen.


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