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[sulking:]  Wazzzpinator doesn't like patrol duty.


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So I was going to drop Skyler for Ice Bear and just focus on the one character, but I'm finding that most nights I don't have motivation for tags after work. Rather than end up squatting, I've decided to drop both. I hate to leave so soon after joining, but I might try again if I can get my brain back in the future.


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[It is a more thoughtful Grievous that appears on the network today. Thanks to chaos he has regained and clarified many memories that had been lost and while this happened some weeks ago, it has taken him a while to properly process it. At least, enough to speak about it further and not continue to keep it to himself.]

I have spoken of loss before but even then I had forgotten what that truly meant or how deep the wound can be. Some hearts once broken can never be fully healed and the emotions can threaten to overwhelm your life. The sorrow can become your life and all you may have left is vengeance.

To discover that there are even deeper betrayals can also be an instigator for revenge. Were certain people within my grasp there is certainty that they would pay for their treacherous actions.

I have been wronged and pieces of myself that were lost have now been found. I have not regained my true form but I have again found my soul and reconnected with the shards of mind and heart that had been shattered.

I will reverentially continue to grieve for that one which can never be returned to me yet my strength will prevail and I will continue to serve the people of Nova City as one of your Deputies under the new Guardian's leadership. I will protect you as I once did my own people; my elite warriors; my wives; my children and my family - to the best of my ability. I will do what I must, for the good of the people who reside in Nova and beyond, should other cities require my assistance.

The revelations and memories will not undo me. They only strengthen my resolve and purpose now.
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Look, just because the people I've met so far on this lame team aren't completely terrible, that doesn't mean we're pals all of a sudden.

The only reason I've lived as long as I have - besides the ability to heal from damn near anything - is a healthy sense of distrust and a low-key hatred of every living thing.

Stop trying to get me to make nicey nice with these people. And stop comparing me to that stupid ninja turtle. I'm blue, not green. And I'm from Jersey, not New York, and you know it. As far as "the one with attitude" goes, okay, I'll give you that one -

[He lifts his 4-fingered hands to flash two middle fingers.]

But I'm not exactly what you'd call PG.

[Because he's an edgelord.]

What did that actionspam just say?!


That's what I thought.
koishi_komeiji: Art by: Satou Kibi (50 Sisters Writing)
“And this is the big sister in her natural habitat…” That was how the feed started, the camera being carried inside by a certain green youkai who had seen way too many nature shows. She was creeping almost comically through a large den with a fire lit, coming around the side of a large plush armchair. The camera took a moment to focus on the dozing form of Satori, open book and several cats sitting in her lap.

A yellow-sleeved hand reached forward, one finger extending… and ever so gently poked her big sister’s cheek once… twice… three times...

Satori was, seemingly, completely unaware of what was going on. A rare moment for the mind-reader to be resting so peacefully and not berating anyone for a change. The younger didn’t seem to wake her up immediately, the first few pokes drawing very little reaction from her.

That is, until her third eye stirred fitfully in its rest, opening agonizingly slowly and looking around with considerable confusion, pupil charged with a vaguely directed annoyance. But as menacing as it was it was a fair contrast to Satori’s sleepy and altogether innocent face. Eventually she stirred but only looked to be half-aware of the situation. But just aware enough to be displeased, go figure.

Of course, by the time Satori’s eyes opened the camera had drifted up and around, leaving Satori staring in the vague direction of where Koishi used to be. The mischievous little youkai giggled again, reaching once more out with a single finger, gently touching the center of Satori’s part. Just enough to tickle a little bit.

Satori twitched a little more this time. Her third eye searched even harder, still quite annoyed and rolling itself about blearily. She seemed to come to her senses, snap-turning in her sister’s direction and reaching up to cover her head! “Koishi…? What are you waking me up, for?” A sigh. She said, much louder… “You can just tell me normally, you know!”

There was another giggle, Koishi moving again, but she was getting more visible by the moment. “See how great she is? She’s the best big sister!” And a hand reached out to nudge an annoyed cat aside and poke her tummy…

Satori’s arm snapped out almost immediately, supported by many of her tentacles as she tried to wrestle Koishi down, inadvertently meddling with the camera. From the looks of it, she was trying to snatch up and punish her sister the only way she knew how! “...That’s enough out of you--!”

“Ah! Sis Nooo!” Apparently the punishment was tickling. Lots of tickling. Koishi was shouting and laughing, moving about wildly trying to escape the sisterly scuffle. The camera was going every which way, showing only a mass of red and blue tentacles before the device went flying through the air, hitting the ground sharply and cutting off the feed.

[ooc: You can give em a call back once the tickles have concluded.]

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...You ponder "what if" one more time and I swear to Zephyr your butt gets majorly roasted.

I like my wings where they are thank you very much.
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Laying on your belly, you think you can join the fun? Ha-HA! Making plans for me? Hate to disappoint you, MUNS, but you don't plan anything beyond the first day -

- in fact it makes think you rather not look at the calendar at all. Watching the days just float on by, doing nothing . . . ~
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[Those close to the forest on the afternoon of the 17th might hear the thunderous crashing of trees and possibly even see a towering figure high above the treeline blotting out the sun. Yet just as soon as it appears, it seems to fade away with a magical poof. Any soul brave enough to go to the center of the flattened trees to try to figure out what that was, will see a very large bird angrily stomping on some mushrooms]

Stupid, stupid Mira! It's all fun and games until you're too big!


[The video feed clicks on with some difficulty, to reveal a bird the size of a small house trying to handle the much smaller device.]

Excuse me? Could anyone please deliver a cake to me in the Fayren forest? I'm worried about getting too close to town at my size and... this is the smallest form I can transform into besides a fish.

Rumors for the Week of 9/18

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The following rumors are going around as NPC gossip. Your characters are welcome to hear them. The rumors may be true or false, and the subject of the rumor is randomly selected from the taken list. If a character shares the same first name with another character, we will not specify which one it is.

This week's rumors are:

1. Natsuno Yuuki melts in the snow.

2. Nora Valkyrie uses her foodie show to get free food all the time... if they charge her, she'll give them a bad rating! How skeevy!

3. Don't tell Cecil Palmer but I heard that Chiaki Nanami is going to propose on his show..!!

4. Tony Clark broke into a convenience store last week.

5. I'm not supposed to tell you this, but Kaguya Houraisan only eats bear meat to spite Ice Bear.

6. chaos/Tannusen 5ever. I can't believe they're finally together!


ALSO NOTE: more than normal bc badmod bonus from tay for forgetting last week

002 | Raindrop (in D♭ Major)

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pianola: Dorothy looks up at you above her, sitting at a grand piano (if music be the food of love)


[ Dorothy seems to be in a store filled with musical instruments. In one of the more modern areas, perhaps Genessia City? She is addressing the camera directly, wearing her default expression. ]

Many people seem to seem to post videos of their performances accidentally.

I think that is unfortunate.


[ She seems to have set up the camera so it points at a piano behind her. She moves to sit down, primly. Her hands rest on the keys for a long moment before she plays.

It's a slow, peaceful song. Dorothy doesn't play mechanically, or even perfectly. There are small hesitations and errors here and there. The effect is human, and even emotional.

Perhaps a feeling of melancholy is imparted, and yearning. It's not morose, however. The piece ends on a hopeful air. She doesn't stand, afterward, and looks down at the keys, not at the camera. ]

Thank you.

[ A voice comes from off-camera - ] Hey! Are you gonna buy that or what?

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Working on something. 

Do not disturb.

Today is a good day.

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I know we've been having a great time with the PSLs, but we both have to agree that work isn't getting any less crazy and that we both miss being in a game.

We know lots of good people, and wherever we go, we'd know somebody.

So what do you say?
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[The video turns on to a very distraught Colette standing on the outskirts of Fayren next to a bush and a seemingly large, smooth rock.The front of her white smock is slightly tinged brown and she bites her lip nervously before speaking.]

Um… I have a bit of a problem. I was walking and I tripped and accidentally spilled some water and now Kaytoo’s… [she angles the camera to try to get Kay in the shot, but he’s standing rather tall now so it’s hard to get a good image of him.] Hang on.

[The grounds suddenly seen below her as she flies up to bring herself eye level with the robot, changing the video to the rear camera so Kay can be seen in all his gigantic glory.]

He’s really really big now and I don’t know what to do!

I keep forgetting you can fly. [Kay murmurs, giant head turning to look at Colette. She seems so tiny now in comparison.

Distracted as they are, none of them notices a bird approaching. It accidentally flies right into Kay's optic before squawking and fluttering in mid-air when it ends ricocheting. The droid lets out a mangled, annoyed sound and shakes his head.]
This is like, the third time! If any of them try to make a nest in one my ports again...

((ooc: Feel free to talk to Kay, Colette, or both in this slightly backdated post!))
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Dear Mun,

What you are attempting to do is reprehensible! To use me as bait to try and lure in a Beatrix like I'm some sort of meat slab or common trollop!

I have half a mind to report you--[Listens to his mun telling him something.]

Your favorite pairing? Us? Why, if you think you can just butter me up--[Listens some more.]

Why yes, it would be nice to see her. I've missed her terribly. The way the light of the moon gleams across her fine blade, her bosom heaving--

[Steiner's eyes widen and he stomps up and down a couple of times. Clink clink goes the armor.] Y-You made me say all of that!? You cad! You charlatan!

For the sake of nostalgia

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...Are you expecting some sort of gratitude from me, little pawn?

[A scoff escapes her. The Colonel remains unimpressed.]

If so, you'll be sorely disappointed. There's more pressing matters at hand here. Your wounded pride isn't one of them.

[She takes this moment to adjust her glasses.]

Where are they? [Jihl peeks over her glasses with a slight smirk.] You know who.

Where are my little pets?
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Look, I don't make a lot of demands. Ask anyway!

I've always been more of the one who winds up taking them - mind with a bit of creative interpretation.

Now, is it really so much to ask that we do something? It feels like we've been waiting an age for some kind of response. As rare as it is downtime always makes me a bit antsy. Usually because it's not long before something blows up.


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[She's out shopping for a kimono as well as regular clothes. The kimono isn't necessary, but she wants to actually keep a job, thanks. Staying in the main city, so she has no idea what's going on elsewhere. Larxene looks bored, and will respond to both names (Arelen) to those who know what it is.

Jeans, skirts, and essentially sort of punk-ish clothes are on her arm as she's going through the store, and currently is looking at a little black dress on a hanger with a frown because seriously, WHY would she need one? It's pretty though. She might get it. Maybe after buying the kimono for work. It's going on her arm anyway. She groaned to herself.]

This shopping is annoying...

❅ ~ 1st Bufu ~ ❅ Two in Harmony

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Who: Mitsuru Kirijo, Akihiko Sanada, Shinjirou Aragaki, Junpei Iori
Where: The Mattisse apartments in Genessia
When: September 12th
Why: A reunion for SEES

[On the day of the 11th, Mitsuru sends a message to her three companions from home to meet her at her new apartment building the next day at noon. She doesn't leave any room for debate. Because there is none.

They need to catch up on things and it needs to happen sooner, rather than later. Now, all she needs to do is wait for them to arrive.

When they do, they will find the former heiress in her new apartment, looking for all the world that she belongs in this rather normal looking apartment as much as she ever did in their dorms and in her family's opulent homes.]

I'm glad that you could make it. Please, sit down. We have a lot to discuss.


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[ There's an excited looking Capybara sized hamster on screen with a Togedemaru. It looks like she's inside of a pub. There's a doggy bowl of fruits in front of her.]

I can finally fit through doors, that I can! And my child can talk!

You're my trainer, not my mother.

Please excuse him. He's entering a rebellious stage, that he is.

[ The rodent/egg Pokémon shrugs and starts munching on the berries from the bowl.]

(ooc: Italics is the Togedemaru)


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