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[Name:] Klavier Gavin

[Age:] 17, born 28 October 2001 (Scorpio, baby!)

[Gender:] Very, very male, fraulein

[Marital Status:] Single but not wanting

[Sexuality:] Primarily straight, though given his insouciant reaction to Apollo's staring in canon, he obviously wouldn't have a problem with men admiring him, either. Say a 1 on the Kinsey scale. ;)

[Occupation:] Prosecutor by day, god of rock by night!

[Ladder Preference:] Klavier learned English from a tutor who taught him that the word “stepladder” referred to this object, but Klavier has generally been willing to admit he is wrong when presented with evidence to the contrary.


Kristoph Gavin – Klavier has always looked up to Kristoph, although the formative teenage years were devoid of his older brother's influence. The boys were born a good eight years apart, a spacing that set Klavier up to forever be the follower to Kris's leader, a student to his mentor, a dependent to his angel. In Klavier's youth, Kristoph was all those things and more; he was Klavier's solace. When a second child was added to the mix, what may have already been a rocky marriage between the Gavin parents turned truly ugly. Fundamental differences of opinion came to the surface. Frau Gavin expected her workaholic husband to draw on paternity leave and reconnect with his family. Herr Gavin took this opportunity to let it be known that his wife coddled the boys too much, that if it weren't for his influence Kristoph would probably be giving Mutter manicures.

They continued in this vein throughout Klavier's childhood, both seemingly reluctant to go through a messy divorce and split their assets. (They were both lawyers, after all.) They used their children to draw the party lines, but Klavier always had the sense that Kristoph refused to be divided from the “mommy's boy,” and he took comfort in the solidarity. When at long last the Gavins divorced, however, those party lines were engraved hardcore, as each parent took custody of their own favoured child, and went their separate ways. Kristoph was whisked off to Herr Gavin's native America, but Klavier never stopped looking up to his brother. He has come to America to renew the bond of their childhood, too naïve to realise how much Kristoph might have changed in the interim. He himself has morphed into a confident young man, but he still follows his brother around like a puppy. All the same, he would be hard-pressed to justify Kristoph's choice to befriend Phoenix Wright, after helping to bring him down. Was ist das, Kris?

[Friends:] [Positive Acquaintances]
Because hey, he's been in the country for less than a month, and hasn't met his BFF yet.
Franziska von Karma – Ooh, feisty! Klavier has met his fellow Deutsch expatriate once or twice in the High Prosecutors' Office, as she tags along after her “little brother.” He finds her frigidity funny, her whip less so. Still, Klavier admires her spirit. On a professional level, however, he is leery of what she is capable of. He has heard the stories in the German courts, of the von Karma prodigy who cared more about her victory than the truth, and the truth is above all to him. He would have a very hard eye on her, should she ever rejoin the High Prosecutors' Office, but for now he will simply enjoy the repartee.

Miles Edgeworth – From what little Klavier has seen and heard of him, the man is the kind of prosecutor he aspires to be. He's perhaps a little too uptight, but that could simply be an unfortunate side effect of being over twenty. He is obviously a dedicated prosecutor, with experience both in Germany and America, and Klavier knows he could learn a lot from him, if only he could pin him down for more than five minutes. He seems to be busy trying to clear his name of various crimes around Los Angeles. >__>

Shi-Long Lang – Though it is rumoured that this elite Interpol agent nurses a grudge against any and all prosecutors, Klavier cannot help but to like his style. Those shades are – how do you say, badass? Klavier also respects the man for valuing truth over any partisan divisions. He has seen the man in the papers recently, over the affair inside the Cohdopian Embassy, and Klavier can only hope that this case has broken him of his prosecutorial prejudice.

Applicable only after State vs Gramarye, naturlich!
Phoenix Wright – Normally Klavier has no quarrel with defence attorneys. They are all striving to find the truth, after all. Phoenix Wright, however, is an exception. A man who would disregard the truth in a court of law, who would present the court with forged evidence to save the neck of his guilty client, is the scum of the earth in Prosecutor Gavin's book, and he is glad that Kristoph gave him the opportunity to take this man off his pedestal. Although... there is also a contradiction in that. Why has Kristoph befriended this fallen attorney?

Ema Skye – Why you mad tho? Klavier met this girl through a mutual friend back in Germany. He had so much in common with the fraulein student: they were both studying to work in the justice system, they both saw the beauty of truth itself, and they both had older siblings overseas who they adored. It was only natural that they should hit it off. Klavier dug the way that a beautiful older woman (with rocking socks) looked up to him, though unbeknownst to him he was apparently just a stand-in for another prosecutor who was out of her league.

Their love was true, but it meant something different to Klavier than it did to Ema. He was only a seventeen year old boy, after all. He closed the deal, but did not experience half the emotional connection that she apparently did, and though she was an amazing fraulein, he was not ready to be tied down. When the opportunity to train in America came along, he was off like the wind.

Now that Ema has returned to America herself, Klavier is at a loss for how to deal with her. Clearly he has done her wrong, but he does not understand how. Did he not leave her amiably, for the opportunity of a lifetime? He only hopes they can cherish their moment in Germany as just that – a moment – and work amicably together. Granted, though, she is cute when she is angry.


[General personality:]
Klavier is an apparent contradiction: on one hand we have a conceited party animal, a self-styled “God of Rock,” and on the other we have an incredibly dedicated student of law who has completed his training years ahead of the curve. The connecting thread is passion. Klavier is a man of great passions, be it for women, music, or the law, and he lives for each of them with equal intensity in their turns.

That isn't to say that Klavier is a fly-by-night sensation – usually. With that passion and drive comes an exacting work ethic and discipline. When he loves something as much as he loves the law (or music, or women), he wants to give it the attention it deserves, and he knows how to be extremely dedicated to a task when it is needed.

He is, in some ways, a perfectionist. He takes great pride in his work, and is keen to have other people take pride in him. He is exacting in his accuracy, be it putting together an airtight case, or playing a complex chord with zero errors. He is so invested in his quest for perfection, that the smallest mistakes are a terrible upset. Still, when all is said and done, he would rather be told he is wrong so he can correct himself, than hold to his false confidence. His core sense of right and wrong is hardcore.

He has a bit of an ego, and loves to be the center of attention. He has always been doted upon – by his mother, by his teachers, by his older classmates – and it has gone to his head. Certainly the attention has groomed him for a life in the spotlight, on the stage or in the courtroom, but it has also somewhat spoiled him. There are some sour youthful traits he has not yet had an opportunity to grow out of, such as a childish mean streak that manifests mostly in interactions with his subordinates or competition. He thinks nothing of laughing when somebody else makes a mistake, though if the mistake reflected on him, or if somebody was laughing at a mistake he made, it would infuriate him.

But all work and no play makes Klavier a dull boy, and a man is not defined by his work alone. Klavier's sense of work ethic is very utilitarian, and he knows how to turn it off when it is truly playtime. He lives his life with the same passion he shows in his work, and even in playtime he tends to take disappointment hard.

He is very outgoing, and he loves a good party. (Of course, it is always better when he is the center of attention at said party.) Along those lines, he is also very confident, even assertive. He makes friends easily – sometimes by informing people of their newfound status as his friend when they have impressed him. While he is somewhat self-centered, he is incredibly loyal to the people he bonds with.

He is a fan of everything from classical music to heavy metal, though his strongest preferences lie somewhere in the genre of hard rock. He has no formal training on the guitar, but is a gifted performer nonetheless, and he collects the instruments, both acoustic and electric. They are all beautifully crafted in his eye, even the factory-made starter guitar he received as a child.

He is still a mama's boy, and has already made a hobby of emailing and Skyping with his mother in his short time in the States. He is also a voracious reader, particularly of newspapers, gossip rags, and mystery novels.

[Appearance:] We saw seventeen-year-old Klavier in canon. Purple has always rocked as hard as Klavier does, frauleins!

Klavier was born in Berlin, the second son of a pair of lawyers. Klavier was still young when they finally divorced, but he remembers how constant their fights were. His elder brother Kristoph was his rock, as their parents' animosity escalated to the point that they forgot the best interest of the children, much less the family at large. [More details in the relationship write-up on Kristoph.]

When the war was finally over and the dust settled, Klavier's mother strove to make up for lost time. She wanted to give her baby boy the world, and Klavier was coming to an age where he knew exactly what he wanted of the world. He wanted to be a lawyer, just like his parents, and just like Kristoph. Though he didn't say as much, young Klavier secretly wanted to dispel the feeling of being left behind by Kristoph and his father, by catching up to them.

Klavier was a damn smart kid, and he went very far in his studies very quickly. Though Franziska von Karma would no doubt have you believe otherwise, Germany was not full to the brim of prodigies, and the Gavin boy was the only twelve year old to test into his I.B. Diploma programme. He grew in his studies, and began to form his philosophy on life, so very different from what anyone in his family had espoused. It helped that at school, he only had about twenty or thirty big brothers and sisters at school, to help expand his mind.

About the same time he was also developing a great love of music. No longer wasting her voice on shouting, his mother had taken to singing as she puttered about the house and her office. Even as his voice changed, Klavier loved to sing along with her, and he also loved teaching himself the guitar he got for his tenth birthday. When he began to compose his own songs, his mother lovingly called him her little Renaissance Man. He was still pushing himself in his law studies.

At long last he reached the finish line, and was a bona fide prosecutor. He began training for his first trial in the local courts, but before he had his premiere case in Germany, he learned of an opportunity in America, in Los Angeles, in fact, where his big brother was now a defence attorney.

Auf Wiedersehen, Ema! Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland!

His first case in the American courts was going to be a very special one, indeed...
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