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((This takes place Saturday, April 3))

Klavier: *One of the greatest discoveries Klavier has made since his relocation to Los Angeles is Jammin' Java, a theme cafe built around the legacy of the late Jammin' Ninja, Juan Corrida. Their coffee seriously rocks, and though Klavier never saw the TV show exported to Germany, he finds the musical ninja motif of the decorations very cool. Best of all, Saturday nights at Jammin' Java are dedicated to "putting a spotlight on the secret ninja musicians about town"-- an open mic night, in more mundane terms. He signed up for his own fifteen minutes of fame early in the week, and tried to buy the famous red guitar to practice with. He was, unfortunately, refused the guitar.*

Klavier: *He took the stage with his favourite purple acoustic, and cracked a joke about originally including the Steel Samurai theme song in his set before beginning his first song: a cover of Lene Marlin's old hit single "Unforgivable Sinner." He follows it with a cover of "Ballad of Billy the Kid," and finishes his set with his first English composition-- "13 Years Hard Time for Love"-- before stepping down to give the stage to a boy with a gravity-defying pompadour*

Daryan: *Daryan finds himself grinning at the end of the show, and casually dusts his hands after a slow appreciative applause. He's not half bad. Taking Geeter onto the stage, he makes a brief introduction, even if it's not as clever as Klavier's, and starts off with a cover of Alice Cooper's "Killed By Love", then mellowing out to a Matthew Good Band cover of "Weapon." He even stops briefly to explain his next two short original compositions, which fill out the rest of his stage time nicely. With a satisfied grin, he none-to-quietly clomps away from the stage to take his seat near the back of the cafe*

Klavier: *At the end of this next set, he shoulders his guitar and picks up his coffee from the table he has front-row center to the stage, and tails the boy with hair like a missile back to his table, where he helps himself to the empty chair opposite him* That was... how do you say, badass?

Daryan: *If Daryan was surprised beyond belief -- which he was -- he doesn't show it. It's not everyday a foreigner comes over to your table* Yeah, you got it, man. You were pretty "badass" yourself.

Klavier: I am glad you think so, Herr Rakete. I have been looking for somebody to rock with, here in LA, and your sound, it speaks to me. *snaps his fingers* When you played that "Shark Teeth," I felt it all the way down to my toes.

Daryan: Heh, yeah? Well, I worked pretty damn hard on that one... *looks pleased, but pauses suddenly* So, are you sayin' you wanna jam, or are you looking to form a band?

Klavier: *The idea of a band had not yet occurred to him, but he takes it in stride as thoughts of a real rock band, with a real name, race across his mind. His expression remains impassive* Both, in fact. We can have jam sessions to unwind after work, or we can work to make a name for ourselves, ja? Even if we were never to get off the ground, rock is really a communal activity.

Daryan: *tries to look as laid-back as possible, making sure not to come off as too eager to get involved with a total stranger* Yeah man, I get you. Even just jamming sounds fine... not like I have anyone to jam with at school, anyway.

Klavier: Oh, you are a student? what is it you are studying? *flashes a lazy grin* Not music, I assume, if you are not finding anybody to jam with.

Daryan: *makes a sour face when studying is mentioned* I study whatever the hell I have to to graduate... but besides the usual bullshit high-school curriculum, I'm studying on the side to become a cop.

Klavier: Oh, high school. *He is surprised, but he hides it by pulling his own face into a sympathetic grimace* That is rough. But the police academy should at least be more interesting, ja? I am into prosecuting, myself, but I have not yet tried my first case. *snaps his fingers-- this time as a sharp gesture rather than a rhythm* Achtung! That will be our... gimmick, is the word?

Daryan: Gimmick? For what?

Klavier: For the band, man. *leans forward eagerly* Achtung: I am a prosecutor. You are becoming a cop. We will have a band that is connected to the criminal justice system, ja?

Daryan: *continues to stare, as if he didn't even hear him, then makes a sudden "pffff" noise* It ain't half-bad, that idea! Can't say there are many rock bands out there with prosecutors and cops in them, right? Hahaha!

Daryan: *suddenly stops laughing* Wait, you're a prosecutor?!

Klavier: Jawohl! *grins, knowing that he's impressing the other kid* I took the bar exam in Germany last winter, and the California bar is giving me a prosecutor's badge on the strength of this. I am still training, but... achtung! *takes out his credentials and flips the case open to display* Shine get, I think you say.

Daryan: *a look of both disbelief and amusement cross his face* You... carry that thing around with you, man? *laughs* Damn, and I thought you were MY age. Guess you're a lot older than you look... *peers inside the case* ...Klavier?

Klavier: *grins even wider* I am seventeen and one half years old. I am very advanced for my age.

Klavier: Ja! It means "piano" in German. I guess meine Mutter thought Gitarre would be a little too peculiar.

Daryan: *doesn't even hear the bit about his name's meaning. he's still stuck on the age part* 17?! We're the same fucking age!

Klavier: Are we? *bangs his fist down on the table, like he's seen other lawyers do-- but even as he does it he realises distantly that it doesn't feel right to him* Very cool. Were you, too, scarred by the Bad Romance music video at eight?

Daryan: Scarred? To be honest... I didn't even watch it. Just changed the channel... right there and then, man. *instinctively smooths a hand over his hair*

Klavier: Eyeless zombies, man. *shakes head* But yes. We are the same age. We have the same experiences, the same music and culture to draw on. This is totally awesome, ja?

Daryan: Totally. Speaking of culture... what are you doing in America, anyway?

Klavier: Ah, that is a long story. The short version is that I was offered this gig, and I took it, to be closer to my brother. I'm certain you saw in the LA Times why there was an opening, ja?

Daryan: *furrows his brow, trying to remember* Opening?

Klavier: I replaced that crooked prosecutor, the one who just went to jail. You must have followed the case, ja?

Daryan: Huh... guess I remember something like that. Something about being part of a smuggling ring, if I'm rememberin' correctly...

Klavier: That is it. *scoffs* Ach, he was a disgrace to his office. Truth is everything.

Daryan: Agreed. Couldn't have put it better myself, man! But hey, since you're a prosecutor, maybe you can put in a good word for me or something when you get famous, hahaha!

Klavier: *dead serious* I'd be glad to vouch for you, Herr Rakete. Although... *and now he grins* Perhaps I should at least know your name, first.

Daryan: *laughs it off* Oh, yeah, right. You've been calling me Hair Rocket or something for a while now, huh? I'm Daryan.

Klavier: I was calling you Mister Missile. *he gestures out from his forehead, indicating Daryan's massive pompadour* Sorry. Your hair is just so distinctive. *snickers* It is badass.

Daryan: *sweeps a hand alongside it, looking almost proud* Normally... I would've punched someone in the teeth if they called me that, especially in a foreign language. But it's cool, man. At least you know how to respect. *holds out a fist for a pound*

Klavier: *laughs* D-man, I am glad you didn't. *fistbumps Daryan across the table* I cannot be our lead singer if I lisp through missing teeth, ja?

Daryan: And there wouldn't be an "our" if I did punch you, anyway.

Daryan: *gestures around his mouth area* You could also get uh, dentures or some shit like that.

Klavier: *laughs again* You are a cold one, D-man. Seventeen's far too young for false teeth. False anything.

Klavier: Achtung! *deskslams-- er, tableslams?* Here's to all being true, with us.

Daryan: Ha! Yeah, man, none of that fake bullshit. *hits the table too for good measure*
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