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Hallo, America! Are you ready to rock?

My name is Klavier Gavin, and I have just relocated to Los Angeles to work for the High Prosecutors' office. I originally took the bar exam in Germany, but how could I resist the opportunity to rock the American courts, as well? My brother Kristoph is a renowned defence attorney on this side of the world, and I am hoping to face off with him one day. Until we reach that day, I hope to expand my horizons. I am in America, baby! I have created this blog to make contacts here, and accordingly, all my entries will be in English. (Mostly.) This local feed is a very exciting innovation.

I am also a musician. I play guitar and I sing, and I hope one day to be a rock star, although my true calling is the law. I have a Youtube channel, under the same username as my LJ, but the content is primarily in my native tongue for the moment. Still, I have one cover recorded in English.

I was inspired to record this after my experience with customs, specifically Borginian customs. I was treated like a thief. I was strip searched. (No easy task, given that I wore seven layers to keep my baggage under the weight limit.) And to add insult to injury, they confiscated a packet of marzipan balls I was going to eat on the flight. I was feeling quite rebellious when I finally landed on American soil, and after I slept off the jet lag, I had to record this song. I would have uploaded it sooner, but the hotel in which I stayed charged $10/day for in-room internet access. Now that I have found an apartment and installed the utilities, perhaps I will be discovered, ja?

[insert suspension of disbelief here-- no really, it's Klavier]

Gute Nacht, Amerika!
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